Are you itching to get outside and ride the G2G Rail Trail Experience? 
Mark your calendar - Saturday October 3rd, 2020
You will be able to plan a ride where you end up in Blyth, ON or if you chose, loop through Blyth with a quick stop to refuel! 

Reserve your spot: You can choose to join as an individual rider, create/join a team or sponsor one of the riders bellow! Start your ride from anywhere along the G2G Rail Trail by entering the trail near any of the community parking areas, most are near our Kiosks listed on our Google Map ( Make sure your route ends up in Blyth, ON. 

Seasoned Gravel Bike Riders who wish to start in Guelph, ON may have the option to join in with the Cowbell Gravel Run.

Once you arrive into Blyth, Volunteers from G2G Rail Trail will be located at all access points of the trail in Blyth and at the main tent in the middle of the Rutabaga Festival.
You will be able to challenge yourself to raise funds for G2G by having your friends & family sponsor you OR create a team. Even better you will be able to challenge all of your friends from surrounding communities to come out and meet you on the trail!
The G2G Rail Trail is suitable for a variety of bikes, depending on your cycling experience. The surface of the entire corridor will be made up of crushed stone dust thanks to our Project RED Crew of Wilfrid Laurier University students who will have completed this summers maintenance improvement project by the day of the event. On top of resurfacing the entire corridor the crew will also have improved waypoint finding making it easier for you to plan your route and stay on track! Your support will go towards funding Project RED's resurfacing and waypoint finding improvements for the full 132 KM of trail #SaveMySummerJob.